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To celebrate Mr. Write’s bornday, I’m adding this entry about my concert experiences at Map The Soul Tour at San Francisco and Los Angeles. My heart is skipping a beat as I’m typing this because the memories are slowly rushing through my mind like the blood running through my veins.

Pre-Epik Movement SF

I arrived at Oakland Airport the day before of the show and as usual, I stayed with my friend Justine whose family surprisingly doesn’t get sick of having me whenever I’m in town LOL I had a difficult time sleeping because I kept thinking about the show the next day and how I’m going to hand Tablo my gift/fan letters. I thought about the things I want to say to him, yet I couldn’t really figure it out then.

Epik Movement SF – 1st stop of the US Tour at Nob Hill Masonic

My friends and I went to the venue separately (I came with my friends Justine, Kenna and our 4CTHEPOWER mentor DDK or we call her Mama D), so we didn’t get together until we all went in line/inside. We were the first ones to get there and my nerves kept bothering me but I had to keep my cool. Justine and I went in line to “save a spot” for the rest of our friends and seeing those EH fans was quite…interesting. One girl had her Nikes ‘tagged’ with Big Bang and Epik High. Finally, most of our friends arrived and we entered the venue. At the hallway where they were selling merchandise, IT WAS FUCKING CRAZY! The lines were ridiculous (hell, they didn’t even look like lines) and of course, we stopped by the homies’ (Far*East Movement) merchandise booth before TRYING to get in line for MTS goods. Right when my foot touched the entrance of the concert hall, EPIK HIGH CAME OUT from another side and all their fans were screaming and squealing! One girl was literally hyperventilating and I wanted to high-five her face for being annoying because she was causing a really ugly scene! Justine and I decided to look for our seats first and then TRY to buy concert merch. When we finally got settled, (we’re seated in front of the Soompi staff who became our chingus of the night) Justine and I went outside to buy merch and the line was like THE LINE FOR A SECOND LIFE because everyone was pushing! My friend got pushed and I couldn’t help but ‘go volleyball’ (yell) on them because she was holding my stuff + hers and she got pushed towards the wall. One girl next to me was lucky to pick up a t-shirt that no one noticed! We managed to make it out of that merchandise line in one piece and no, I didn’t get stepped on because if they stepped on me, I would be in jail for injuring someone. We were chatting among ourselves about getting up for FM and holding the banner that we had custom-made (Justine’s idea!) up high since they’ll be opening. As soon as Dumbfoundead came out, we were already preparing ourselves on what to do and there went FM! They had the space theme going on (which is cool) but I was a little iffy towards the concept because KanYe had the same theme during his Glow In The Dark Tour but despite that, FM killed it (LIKE ALWAYS!). Kero One came after and as much as I dig his work, I prefer that he opened instead of going after FM. His set was pretty long and so for those who aren’t into hip hop fusioned with jazz, they wouldn’t appreciate it much + since his music is chill, he really should’ve opened instead of FM. MYK’s appearance caused many girls to scream (including taaammy) and I couldn’t help but scream “NO, THANK YOU!” when it was dead quiet and he was thanking the people who went. When Kero One was sitting in front of the keyboards and it was dead quiet, I yelled “HEY BOO!” and I heard im0ntop crackin’ up from my far right side! As soon as Epik High came out, I felt my knees literally go weak and my breathing was irregular. They all came out with such glow and my eyes were fixated on Tablo – NO LIE. I recall Justine and l0venlaughter (Yvonne) pulling me towards the middle to see him up close and I can’t remember how I was able to walk those 2 steps without falling because I really couldn’t move! I cried about 3x that night most especially when they performed “Fan”. Towards the end, Tammy and Yvonne pulled me towards the front of the aisle where everyone was crowding and if only I tried harder, I would’ve been closer but I was too in awe + some dumb bitch in a black dress had to ruin shit. I stood in front of an abandoned seat while EH were performing. Suddenly, I felt some weight on my shoulder and when I turned around, a short girl in a black dress got on top of the chair which caused me to wobble and yell at her while she was giggling with her friend. I

Girl: I am so sorry!
Me: Do I look like a ladder to you?! The next time you want to climb up a seat, lean on to your friend!

She couldn’t say anything in return because with one blow, she will fall off that chair and get a concussion…or more (this still riles me up).

When the show ended, we gathered by the lobby because the 21+ had to get ready for the club to have fun/hang out with FM/hopefully meet EH. I really couldn’t find anything to wear, so I didn’t go with them to the club. Justine and I had to stay put because Mama D and Kenna were still there and they were our ride. We just hung out there and I was still carrying the gift bag. From a distance, I saw a striped beanie talking to a short girl and it was Tablo! I was semi-panicking because I wanted to give him my gift but there were security and since I lost my voice from the weekend before, I might not be able to say anything! Before I even made a step, he already walked away and I lost my chance to give my gift. Mama D said that there’s still LA and not to worry about it and so I positively thought about getting another chance. We left the venue to go to Sabrina’s (my friend/Monica’s older sister) in SF to change for Fluid (club). The mangnaes kept asking me if I was sure that I’m not going and they couldn’t believe that I wasn’t going! After the older ones left, the mangnaes (itswinniechu, Tammy, Yvonne, Kenna) and I just hung out, ordered pizza and watched the Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl 2008 on dvd till the girls came. That damn dvd cannot be fast forwarded, so by the time the girls came back, we didn’t even get to watch Son Ho Young, FTTS, DBSK, MinWoo (M), SNSD and the other acts we were waiting for! Justine and I left with Mama D again because she and I had a scheduled flight at 7 am and we had at least 2 hrs of naptime before leaving for the airport while the other girls left from SF straight to LA by driving.

A macro of myself.
Picture taken by the7real.

Epik Movement LA: 2nd stop of the US tour at House of Blues at Sunset

Justine and I slept for less than 2 hours and headed to the airport for our 7 o’clock flight. A friend of ours picked us up at the Long Beach Airport and we headed to her house for a nap because I didn’t wanna go home yet because I was avoiding something. After our nap, we headed to El Pollo Inka at Torrance for lunch and had our usual – Lomo Saltado. After this, we took Justine to Del Amo Fashion Center (or we call this DA or De-Lame-O) to just show her around. My mom wanted to see me to make sure I’m ‘here’, so we headed to Long Beach to show myself to my mom. It must’ve been Mare’s and Justine’s lucky day because my mom made a sponge cake that had a mandarin orange topping with glaze that we all drooled over on our way back to Del Amo to buy something to wear for that night (clubbing at AREA) after the show. After our quick shopping spree, we headed back to Carson at Mare’s to meet up with tiffonemo whom I haven’t seen since our SF trip last year (October). As usual, I took long to get ready because of my damn hair ‘cause a shower was mosdef needed. God decided that it must be hot that day. Everyone’s been texting where we’re at because they were in line already while we’re still on our way and traffic wasn’t cooperating either. Driving down Sunset Blvd. and seeing the EH/FM/Kero One fans was quite a sight! It was like a long snake curving down a slope. After parking, we headed down (literally) to the venue where we spotted our friends and it was quite a reunion for Tiffy because most of us haven’t seen her since that time she and I flew to SF last year. After a couple of minutes, we headed down towards VIP will call which pissed me off because out of everyone, I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHOSE NAME WASN’T LISTED. Thank goodness for Mama D that she has an extra bracelet for the count, so I was able to go to the VIP section (more details as you read along) but it was still irritating that they didn’t have my name. We were chillin’ by the doorway and suddenly, FM + Stereotypes came out for a mini-shoot outside and we wished them a good show. As soon as we were able to go in, we all ran in and claimed territories. Some girls were VERY catty and there were two that were accusing of my friend Mimi pushing them, yet she’s 2 feet away from them.

Here are the things that happened in specific order (it’s easier this way):

- While waiting for the show to start, a bunch of girls on our left kept ‘threatening’ other fans especially this one girl who swore that she’ll stick a glowstick up someone’s ass if she gets pushed.
- The same girl told my friend Tammy to put her thundersticks away, but we all told her that it doesn’t matter because it’s going to be loud.
- Some girls behind me were asking me who I’m there for and if I know FM.
- My hair was pulled to the point that I had to pull myself away from two people.
- Someone tapped my shoulder to tell me that my backpack is open. When I checked it, the fanletters were gone, but the rest of the gift is still there.
- I wanted to cry and scream.
- My friend Mare was getting trampled a few feet away from me and I kept getting pushed back.
- For some reason, she and I ended up being together again, so we decided to leave the crowd.
- We ended up at the bar to have an orange juice and Patron with pineapple juice LMAO
- I was very angry and sad at the same time, but Mare and I agreed that we’ll look for it as soon as everyone leaves.
- After our drinks, we bought our merchandise and headed upstairs to the VIP section.
- That red bracelet is made of win.
- Upstairs, we found three of our friends who also left the crowd.
- I was so close to tears when I was telling them about the fanletters.
- I went to another side of the VIP section to hang out with one of my Minnesota friends and Winnie.
- KevNish of FM spotted me and tapped my shoulder to say hi.
- He brushed the hair that was covering my shirt to see what I was wearing and smiled at me when he saw that I was flexin’ the “DANCE LIKE MJ” shirt in black and winked at me and gave me the 3 fingers up when he saw my silver CRs (the same ones Jaebum wore at this photoshoot) and when I said that “I went to space and in time with y’all”.
- A few minutes before the show was over, Tom Ngo (actor in one of WF’s shorts) tweeted me saying if the street team and I are looking for a place to party, holler at him and he’ll handle the underaged.
- The unnies were happy because we’ve always wanted to go clubbing with the dongsaengs and so they’ll experience how it’s like to party with the 21+
- Of course, the dongsaengs are happier than us ‘cause shit, it’s a fucking opportunity!
- As soon as the show was over, we all ran downstairs to look for the letters.
- Thank God and Mare, she found both of them.
- They were folded and ugly to be saved, so I thought of rewriting them.
- I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW...........
- We all had a vote if we want to go to AREA to party with FM & EH or go to Club LAX and party with Tom.
- Majority won – Club LAX because those that went to Fluid the night before said that it was strict plus the dongsaengs won’t be able to party.
- Hit up Tom to confirm about the underaged.
- After the green light, we all left to get ready to go clubbing.
- It was such a happy moment seeing the dongsaengs walking in the club all smiling and they really took advantage of their time there sneezeWINNIEsneeze.
- After LAX, we headed to KT Café for a super late dinner and a surprise awaited us – Phil Wang and Wesley Chan of WongFu were waiting for us.
- Apparently, they were there earlier (according to their tweet, they left) BUT CAME BACK FOR US.
- We all separated around 4 a.m. and that’s when we decided that we’re going to the meet and greet at Pasadena.
- We headed back to Carson to get Tiff’s car, so we can head out to my house to sleep for a couple of hours.
- Tiff, Justine and I knocked the fuck out after a few minutes when we got to my house and woke up at 9-ish to get ready.
- Before leaving, I rewrote my fanletters and I could not focus because my nerves were getting to me!
- After FINALLY finishing them, we left for the meet and greet. Thanks to Mare’s speed racer abilities :)
- Baking under the sun was not peng + being nervous + ugly voice + pink eye
- We were given a strip of paper (each) to write down what we want Epik High to write on our poster. I didn’t want to be like everyone “My boo” and such, so I stuck with “Ianne, Our #3 fan” (refer to this post)
- We were told that only ONE thing can be signed, so I had to choose between the book and the album.
- Since we’re a group, we have to decide if we’re going by threes or so and who’s going first.
- I serious-fucking-ly love my friends because they all wanted me to go first and that I could take my sweet ass time because it’s my opportunity.
- Mama D kept prepping me about what to say, but I kept fumbling and the fact that I lost my voice a week ago from HB was making it worse.

Some pics

PRoHgress and Mithra at Fluid

DJ Tukutz

Beatbox DG bka Jeri7yn's oppa

Us at House of Blues

at LAX

Leeann & I

Pimp of the Night Tom Ngo with Mama D

This is the proof that we DID go clubbing and
most especially the underaged ones LOL

The super late dinnner with WF

I have to end the outline and pictures because I have to talk about meeting Epik High…

I decided last minute to have Mama D go in front of me because I wasn’t ready. My heart was beating so fast that DJ Tukutz could probably use it as an MPC and use it to loop for a track! Mama D handed Tablo her goods to be signed and when I set my things down, Mama D pointed at me and told Tablo, “She’s very nervous.” He looked at me and said, “You don’t have to be nervous” as he shook his head. All four of them (Tablo, Mithra, Tukutz and MYK) were staring at my shirt – I was wearing my Public Enemy (a well-known hip hop group from the late 80’s) shirt and I’m assuming that they’re all fans. I just smiled at him and slowly handed him my gift. My eyes were glued at him because I was hoping for a reaction. As he was thanking me, he was putting the gift down behind him and also looking inside the bag to see what I gave him to the point that it looks like he wanted to stick his head in! He asked me what I wanted to have signed. I said “Both if possible.” He said “SURE! What’s your name?” I didn’t get tongue-tied (surprisingly), so I replied with “Ianne.” He signed the book first but he handed it to Mithra instead of giving it to me. Mithra passed it to Tukutz who opened and closed the book and when I was reaching out to him, he opened it again and closed and said “Wae?!” and it was sooooooo cuuuuute that I wanted to put him in my backpack! I bowed to him when he handed it to me! After having my books signed, I walked away and I shockingly made it to the exit! I realized that I didn’t get a poster (and so did Tammy), so Mama D pulled us back to the signing to ask for a poster. One of the staff members grabbed two posters for us instead but we just left. I couldn’t speak and I thought I needed a respirator to keep me breathing! We went around the plaza wherein we found a teriyaki place and ended up having lunch there with the others. Everyone shared their stories, while I remained quiet. I kept replaying the video and just tried my best to contain myself. After our lunch, we decided to go back to the signing and bid them goodbye. Epik High were outside taking pictures with fans and this one girl…(my blood is boiling as I’m typing this) took a picture with Tablo like a MySpace picture – y’know, angled and she’s holding the camera up high?! A SELCA. YES. I WANTED TO TAKE THAT CAMERA AND THROW IT IN THE STREET TO GET RUN OVER BY THE CARS. Epik High went back inside the Verizon Wireless store to probably thank the staff and that was when we decided to hand Tablo the 4C The Power brochure and my 4CTP button. We waited till their van parked and while Monica held the brochures, I was nervously holding the button and hoping that he would take it. The question is, did he take it?

Ianne meets Mr. Write from Bonita Applebum on Vimeo.

And this is how he touched my hand.

Yes, he did and touched my hand =)
After they left, we congregated at the parking lot and gave each other hugs because most of the girls had to leave to drive back to the Bay. Honestly, Jeri7yn’s hug at that lot was the one that almost made me cry because along with that hug, she told me “See, anything is possible.”

Many expected me to fangirl over my experience right away but for some reason, I just wasn’t ready. I started spazzing after two weeks (and when I got my voice back) and up to this day, it still feels surreal. Who would’ve thought that a journal entry that I posted last year would be written in paper and that the person I talked about would actually read it?
I hope you enjoyed this post and I apologize again for the wait!

My gift and fanletters

(The summary of my weekend in the form of a picture)
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I am super jelly at you.
I'm in Korea and yet I have less posibilities to see Tablo than you.

Why does it happen?
But I'm so glad you managed to speak to Tablo and all! =DDD
He hangs out in Hongdae LOL
I miss you and your comments you laZY SLOTH!

Hongdae is big, bb.
Give me specificis with satellite view or smth. LOL.
I still haven't watched your most recent vblog.

I really don't know where he hangs out exactly because that sonofa just suddenly blogs that he's there.

You suck!
Big time.
I make Vlogs specifically for you. =((

He's random like that.
Last week went to Gangnam. No celebs though.
Your experience was way better than mine.
You're so lucky. You even got to meet them and everything!
You get to do this, and that, and.. yeah, you get what I'm saying. (x
Man, I really wanna go clubbing, lol.
There'll be chances for you to meet them.
You just have to be patient.

I get what you're saying LOL
aww ianne..

dang you guys were so nice and proper.. makes me feel like a fool when we met them.. lol.. sighs.
'cause I'm well-behaved :)

oh my! you met them! soo cool! i would have met them also when they went to SF but they canceled it. boo.

oh your friends with carol! me too. we went to the same high school! :) small world!
Yeah, I did. I thought they were gonna reschedule =/

Oh what, you know Carol?!
I was with her allll last week for ISA ticket tour!!!
<3333333333333333333 good good good good great great great timess <3333333
i miss this tooo :(